Hacking and cyber security have been one of the leading problems of technology. We have heard so many things about cyber security and we have purchased so many software in order to protect our machine from harm and also protect the data that is on the computer. But these problems are getting smarter and the hackers are getting better at it. In 2017, we have seen so many different types of threat to our security that we have lost count; We are still not done with the year, let that be a reminder to you all. Here is a list of things that are notable security threats of 2017.

Hacking and cyber security

Shadow Broker:

These group of hackers is still unidentified. What they did in 2016 is nothing short of amazing; they broke into the NSA and stole some of their work. They have threatening to sell off the whole information. But now in April, they have released the information that shows how NSA had a tool called EternalBlue which they have shown by attacking two computers in particular with ransomware. The tool also uses the bug of a software to gain access. This thing is so powerful that if it becomes accessible then millions of computers will be at risk.

Campaign Hack:

We have been hearing news of potential hacking done by the Russians in the election of the US and changed the result of the whole election. Well, a similar thing happened in France but it was not of a magnitude that would potentially change the result of the election. Hackers leaked some of around 9GB of emails of the then presidential candidate Emmanuel   Macron.

Noteworthy to say that there is a system in France that the ones running for the office cannot give out any statements during the 2 days so it was pretty difficult to handle the situation but they did release an official statement to the media but it did not straight come about to the media from the president himself.


This year has been the year of ransom ware. WannaCry is another ransom ware that attacked in the UK significantly; to be more precise it was the National Health Service which was mostly affected by this attack. WannyCry could not last long because there was a bug in the ransom ware itself. It could not bag much money but it had an effect on the system. It is claimed that this happened because of North Korea and it was their project that actually did not according to plan. This claim was made by the US officials. This virus came along with the leaks of Shadow Broker. They both started their journey and started to cripple down the system. Windows did publish their solution to the bug in their system but due to the people not using it, they are being affected or they are too late to know about the solution to the bug.

These are notable things that happened throughout 2017. It can be easily said that this year was dominated by random ransoms!